Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet 2

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Real food      Real science      Real results.

Our bodies have a naturally programmed automatic weight gain/loss system. The Ultra Diet taps into the body’s natural weight loss system through controlling your daily carbohydrate intake.  It’s a complete health & weight management system.  See easy to order pre-packed 2 & 4 week boxes.


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A safe effective weight management program.

Combine vitamins, minerals and protein shakes, our low carb program is more than just a diet.  It’s a complete health & weight management system.

  • Long term solution to weight management
  • Renewed energy, improved health
  • Reduction of hunger pangs & food cravings
  • It reduces risk of lifestyle disease
  • Delicious, affordable & easy to prepare recipes & meal planners
  • Test daily to measure your success
  • On going online support

Contains tasty protein shakes with easy to prepare meals the whole family will love.

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