“No Health, No Future – The healthy have many wishes; the sick have but one! 


Everyone desires to live a full, active life.  Our bodies need to function perfectly before we can enjoy the best of health.   Scientific research has found that life’s first food, Colostrum(developed and evolved in the very bosom of Mother Nature through the ages) – has the capacity to provide maximum protection to anyone, at any age.  It is the foundation of sound, practical and vital defensive health care.  This website introduces you to New Image International, to its products, how they can significantly improve your health to sustain good health and enhance your quality of life.

This unique Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum is proven to protect our immune system, to provide a barrier to pathogens, regenerate cell tissue, enhance brain and memory acuity, slow the ageing process, to treat leaky gut, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome and is associated with reducing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, depression and a host of other health problems.

The Alpha Lipid™ delivery system is a scientifically researched and proven formula exclusive to and patented by New Image International in New Zealand.  It not only increases – by up to 100% – the dispersion and bioavailability of critically important components within the Colostrum, but protects these necessary for natural efficacy from being broken down by acids in the intestine.

We also offer natural healing and regenerative skincare, a very successful weight management system and a suite of products supporting maximum well-being in preventative health care, plus anti-ageing solutions, improved memory and cerebral alertness, increased energy levels, vitality, a strengthening of the immune response system and much, much more.

“Enhancing wealth and well-being of people throughout the world by leveraging the power of colostrum as the essence of life”

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